‘I study and depict the clothed and nude figure. After a long period of researching a subject I am ready to create.’

‘Before I begin painting I empty my mind, I feel nothing, and through marks on any surface, immediate and poignant thoughts become known; I react to these. My surfaces are soaked with a variety of media, swallowing arrays of colour; a vocabulary to visually speak through. Whether it is through delicate lines, rhythmic washes, violent slashes, smears, tears or bleeds, emotions are released and images emerge.’

‘ Sex, gender, a pose, a gesture, confusion, power and pain, destruction and construction, all feature in the abstracted figures I depict.’

‘My figures are predominantly solitary. Flowers bloom as and when.’



Unett grew up in Birmingham, England predating the internet and mobile technology. The void of social stimuli actioned Unett’s vivid imagination and sense for wonder.

Unett studied fashion; womenswear and menswear, textiles; print, graphic design and fashion communication, later expanding into journalism, photography, choreography, film, show production, and today creative director, image maker and painter.

Rob values the ability to personalise connections through art and design whilst staying authentic to the moment, in touch with raw, real feelings, prominent memories and the multiple perspectives of reality. His lived actuality is honestly reflected and magnified through his depictions of people and remnants of places.

Unett has been featured in numerous exhibitions, stores, events, publications and journals (print and web). He continues to take part in new projects, collaborations, consultancy, media ventures, community and out-reach initiatives, all in order to form and inform his work and teachings.

Clients and collaborators include: SHOWstudio, TATE, Vogue, Pan and the Dream, BMW, Harrods, Selfridges, Liberty of London, Jigsaw, Dartington Trust, Newlyn School of Art, London College of Fashion; University of the Arts London, Future Dreams, Cass Art, Based Istanbul, Aurum Arts HK, Crush, L’Officiel, Alexander McQueen, Tank Magazine, 10 Magazine, Decoy, Fashion Illustration Gallery, Michela Carraro and more.