‘I study and depict the clothed and nude figure.

After a period of researching a subject I create.

Before I begin painting I empty my mind, I feel nothing, and through marks on any surface, immediate and poignant thoughts become known; I react to these. My surfaces are soaked with a variety of media, swallowing arrays of colour; a vocabulary to visually speak through. Whether it is through delicate lines, rhythmic washes, violent slashes, smears, tears or bleeds, emotions are released and images emerge.

Sex, gender, a pose, a gesture, confusion, power and pain, destruction and construction, all feature in the abstracted figures I depict. My figures are predominantly solitary.

My work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and events, publications and journals (print and web).

I continue to take part in new projects, collaborations, media ventures, community and out-reach initiatives, all in order to form and inform my work and teachings